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Concrete Repair

Established in 1980, Illawarra Industrial Supplies has been a trusted supplier for construction, coating, waterproofing, and landscaping supplies in Illawarra and its neighbouring regions, including the South Coast, the Far South Coast, and the Highlands. We specialise in supplying concrete repair supplies, ensuring you get only A-grade products for all kinds of concrete repair works. From Anodes for corrosion mitigation in reinforced concrete to Epoxy for greater bonding and durability, we supply products for all your concrete repair work. Besides providing supplies for construction, coating, waterproofing, and landscaping, we also provide safety gear and industrial equipment in addition to providing products for water management.

Concrete Repair information

Whenever you have a requirement for concrete repair supplies, we should be your first choice:

Extensively Experienced
With more than four decades in the industry, we have gathered ample expertise and abundant knowledge of concrete repair products. We can not only get you what you but can also help you with the best quality and the most cost-effective products for your concrete repair needs.

Top and Trusted Brands
We strive to keep our customers happy with our quality and hence only deal with products from the most trusted brands. We use leading and top-quality products from Fosroc, Hychem International, MB Solutions, Sika etc. which ensures that your concrete repair work deals with the most harsh environment.

We’re a Leading Supplier
Given our experience and our commitment to quality, we have risen to become one of the leading suppliers of concrete repair materials in Illawarra, South Coast. Our range of concrete repair products ensure you meet your repair requirements!
Anode units help control corrosion on reinforced concrete structures. They comprise a zinc anode core design surrounded by a formulated cement-based mortar which essentially provides galvanic corrosion control. We deal with Galvashield XP Anodes and Sika Ferrogard Patch – two of the most effective Anodes.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening
They come in the form of polymer laminates that are very effective in strengthening concrete, timber, steel, masonry, and fibre-reinforced polymer structures. Our fast-moving CFRP laminates are Sikawrap FX-50 C, Sikawrap 600 C, Sikawrap 300 C, Sika Carbodur S NSM, Sika Carbodur M, Sika, Sikadur 330, Sikadur 300, etc.

Cementitious Repair
Effective concrete repair helps concrete structures return to their original structure along with their strength and durability. Our cementitious repair products are Fosroc Renderoc and CTS products like Flow Control, Set Control, Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Cement All, etc.

Epoxy Repair
Epoxy repair products provide greater bonding and durability by using two-part cross-linking formulations. Some of our Epoxy repair products are Fosroc Nitomortar and Sika Sikadur.
We are your perfect assistants when it comes to concrete repairs. While we provide supplies for all kinds of concrete repair works, we also can guide you on how to choose the best products. We understand your requirements and help you understand which products will give you the desired results and be cost-effective for you. Speak to our team today!

Featured Concrete Repair products

  • Australasian Corrosion Association
  • Association for Materials Protection and Performance
  • Illawarra Innovative Industry Network
  • NACE International
  • The Society of Protective Coatings