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With a full range of waterstops and waterstop supplies, we can provide you with the best guidance to bring an effective solution to your project.

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With over 120 years of experience and a highly trained team, we can provide you with the best possible guidance on choosing the right waterstops.

Waterstops are physical barriers used in formed concrete to stop water passing along the joint between new and old concrete.

Waterstops are used during cast-in-concrete projects to produce watertight seals in both movement and construction joints. They are applied at the time of concrete pour and are commonly used in pools, water retaining structures or when the joint protected is below the water table.

Waterstops are generally made of either bentonite or rubber composites (that swell in the presence of water) or extruded PVC (that act as a physical barrier due to their shape).

There are 2 types of waterstops:

  • Swellable waterstops that swell in the presence of water to create a pressure seal.
  • PVC waterstops that have a specific shape with bulbs that make it difficult for water to move past it within the joint.

Both types of waterstop are effective.

Swellable waterstops are more easily placed than PVC waterstops but can be dislodged during the concrete pouring process.

PVC waterstops are a more difficult application as they are tied to the steel reinforcement. They also need to be placed prior to any concrete being poured as they need to go into both the older concrete and the new concrete to be placed.

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