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Gun applied, water-swellable, waterstop paste.

Leakmaster is a one-component polyurethane water-swelling sealant with excellent and unique physical properties. Its development was based on technology and experience in water-swelling waterstops, such as Hydrotite.

After hardening, it has excellent physical properties together with rubber-like elasticity and excellent water-sealing properties.


Leakmaster is applied to non-moving/low-movement joints in civil engineering, construction, and water services for seals where conventional solid waterstops cannot be easily applied.

  • For bonding Hydrotite profiles to rough concrete surfaces
  • Water sealing joints of cast in-situ concrete
  • Water sealing around “H” section steel joists
  • Sealing against rough surfaces
  • Water sealing in shotcrete
  • Sealing joints in pre-cast box culverts
  • Excellent for pipe penetration
  • To provide sealing around traditional heat-welded PVC and Hydrotite waterstop joins to provide ‘belts and braces’ seal before a concrete pour


  • Easy application to smooth and uneven surfaces as a moisture-cure one component type water-swelling
  • Can support 20m heads of water
  • Water swelling up to approx. 2 times in volume as a result of its water absorption and swelling mechanisms
  • Provides excellent water sealing properties (for construction joints) without losing its rubberlike elasticity
  • Good adherence: Before swelling, it adheres to various materials such as concrete, metal, glass, etc.

Product specification sheet

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