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Cementitious waterproofing coatings are cement-based seamless coatings that protect concrete and masonry surfaces from positive and negative side waterproofing. They prevent damage from water infiltration and can be rendered after application if required. They are well suited for water-retaining and water-resisting structures like basements, retaining walls and water tanks.

Cementitious information

With over 120 years of experience and a highly trained team, we can provide you with the best possible guidance when it comes to choosing the right cementitious waterproofing coatings.
Cementitious waterproofing is a coating that contains cement-based materials and is often applied as a slurry coating.
There are both single-part and two-part cementitious waterproofing products available. The single-part product requires the addition of water, whereas the two-part product requires a special liquid additive instead of water.
Depending on the product selected, cementitious waterproofing membranes are classified as class 1, 2, and 3 membranes.
Cementitious membranes generally have a higher bond strength than traditional liquid membranes. They are routinely used without primer and applied onto a damp masonry substrate. Cementitious membranes are more durable than traditional liquid membranes with a higher shore hardness, so they are particularly suited to subterranean and immersed applications.
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