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Coatings Supplies

Here at Illawarra Industrial Supplies, we are one of the largest independent specialist suppliers of coatings for protective and decorative projects. There are many applications that utilise protective and decorative coatings.

Coatings Supplies information

With over 120 years of combined experience, Illawarra Industrial Supplies can provide you with all of the expertise you’d ever need when it comes to different coatings and applications. We offer a wide range of coating products, from protective coatings, ceramic coating car supply, powder coating, epoxy flooring, concrete sealer, and automotive paints.

Take a look at the plethora of coating applications we offer!


Having an undercoat and a top coat on all automotive vehicles helps protect the vehicle from rust. These systems include clear over base, solid 2K, acrylic and premium enamels. This is especially important for the undercarriage of your vehicle, which commonly comes into contact with substances such as water, chemicals such as salt, and other dirt and debris from the road. The correct top coat is also essential for giving that full depth gloss finish.


Protective painting in and around the home is essential to keep things as durable as possible. Use a water based, 100% acrylic self priming coating for your home., epoxy for your pool, and roof specific coatings to keep it protected during even the harshest of weathers.


Using high build water resistant coatings will help all marine structures you own. The coating is designed for either salt or fresh water immersion to provide long-term protection and aesthetic enhancement of structures.


Protective coatings encompass the full range of products from light industrial applications through to multi layer, high performance systems for the most extreme projects. They can protect steel in the home and heavy industry through to concrete in the most extreme climate conditions.


Synthetic fabric based tape often impregnated and coated with petrolatum based compounds. Designed for corrosion protection, sealing and water proofing of metal above and below ground.

Timber furniture

Timber furniture wears over time, but with protective lacquer undercoats and top coats, you can prolong the life of your interior timber. These products also enhance the look of cabinets and other timber furnishings as well as protect them from general wear and tear.

Illawarra Industrial Supplies are the leading company in coatings supplies! With over 100 years of combined experience and experts on hand to assist you in choosing the right coating and application, you can’t go wrong.

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