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Sunstrom Air Supplied Systems

There are a number of options within the Sundstrom range in providing air supplied systems.


The SR99 supplied air filter unit produces breathing quality air at 900 litres per minute from ordinary supplied air. It’s also suitable whenever clean air is needed for pneumatic tools and instruments. The unit consists of a regulator, pre-collector and main filter enclosed in a sheet steel chassis. The filter can be used standing on the floor or wall-mounted. The precollector, which has pressure-controlled/manual drainage, separates out coarse particles, water and oil. The inlet pressure is 6–10 bar.

The SR292 replacement filter cartridge for the SR99 is made up of two P3 particle filters, one at either end with 400g of activated carbon in the middle. The SR292 is easily replaceable and lasts approx 500 working hours depending of usage and air supply quality.

Supplied air hoses are available in a number of lengths, complete with CEJN quick couplings compatible with the SR99 and Sundström supplied air attachments. All hoses are 9.5 mm in diameter and are available in lengths of 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 metres.

Sundström’s SR63 supplied air hood gives you a wide field of vision & a clear comfortable flow of clean, fresh air. This is the only choice for bearded users. The SR63 has it’s own belt regulator with an additional outlet to supply air to your spray gun. A complete selection of spare parts is available.

The SR307 supplied air attachment consists of a belt regulator, hose & air compartment. The air compartment fits directly into the SR100 or through the 280 adaptor into the SR200 or S.E.A. full face fasks. The SR307 has a silencer in the air compartment to decrease the noise of the supplied air coming into the mask. The SR307 is also fitted with an additional air outlet on the belt regulator to supply air to your air tool.

S.E.A. full face masks and the Sundström SR200 can be used with the SR307 supplied air attachment or with Sundstrom filters. The standard polycarbonate visor gives you a wide field of vision. A complete range of spare parts is available.

The range of Sundström half masks (including the SR90-3) can be used with the SR307 supplied air attachment or with Sundström filters. Made from either non-allergenic silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), it is ideal for comfort, performance and ease of use. A complete range of spare parts is available.

The SR65 protective hood is perfect for use with the SR307 supplied air attachment. The SR65 is made from Tyvek® material. The SR65 hood protects the face, eyes and hair from spray and splashes.

The SR 507 supplied air attachment is designed for connection to Sundström hoods, helmets and visors. This combination forms a breathing apparatus designed for continuous air flow, for connection to supplied air. A flow meter and warning whistle for temporary and continuous monitoring of the air flow rate are included, as is a control valve mounted on the user’s belt.

Product specification sheet

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Sundstrom are universally recognised as supplying industry leading air safety solutions.
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