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Safe Step 100

Single pack, epoxy ester anti-slip surface coating for heavy pedestrian traffic.


Safe Step® 100 is a single pack, epoxy ester anti-slip surface coating for heavy pedestrian traffic. This durable safety coating is both easy and fast to apply and offers optimum adhesion to metal, concrete and wood surfaces. Safe Step® 100 is both chemical resistant and fire retardant in the cured state. It resists gasoline, oil, acids, alkalies and aliphatic solvents.

Areas of application

• Pedestrian ramps in factories, shopping centres and other busy areas.
• Wet areas such as pool surrounds and behind hotel bars.
• Stairways and catwalks
• Nursing homes and schools
• Change rooms
• Equipment platforms
• Bakeries and food processing plants


• Suitable for concrete, asphalt, timber and all metal surfaces
• Single pack mixture
• Excellent anti-slip properties
• Available in 3 colours – light grey, dark grey and safety yellow
• Long lasting both indoor and outdoors
• Easily applied by trowel or roller
• Touch up by brush


Application Directions


Remove oil, grease, dirt, wax, etc. by dissolving in a emulsifiable water base cleaner/degreaser. Clean off with fresh water then apply an acidic etch such as Epirez® Concrete Etch & Cleaner (5 Ltr E993231). Again, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry completely before application. Smooth or glazed surfaces should be roughened and porous surfaces should be primed with a suitable sealer such as Epirez® Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (1.5 Ltr E901233) prior to application to provide better surface adhesion. New concrete should be cured for 28 days. Metal and Galvanised Surfaces Remove all paint, rust and mill scale preferably by grit blasting and prime with a suitable etch primer such as Galmet® Keytite Etch Primer (1 Ltr GKEG1L).


Timber should be primed with Epirez® Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer (1.5 Ltr E901233) or another suitable wood primer.

Application: Safe Step® 100 can be applied at surface temperatures between 10°C and 50°C. Application is not recommended when surface temperatures are above 50°C or below 10°C. Curing times will increase substantially at temperatures below 10°C. Thoroughly mix contents preferably with a mechanical mixer until material assumes a uniform colour and appearance. Safe Step® 100 can be applied by roller or a trowel.


Roller applications provide the most effective non-slip characteristics with an irregular, ridged profile. Use a hard faced roller. It is important that the rolled profile expose the maximum amount of non-slip aggregate. If aggregate is not properly exposed, the coating may become slippery when wet. Pour a “ribbon” of Safe Step® 100 on the surface approximately 600mm across and 150mm wide. Roll in slow straight strokes with a moderate amount of pressure. Do not over-roll too many times or press down too heavily. Be careful that material does not build up too quickly along welds or joints (roll across, not along them). Material applied too thickly may not cure properly.


Trowel applications provide excellent non-slip characteristics with a rough, textured surface. Use a flexible bladed plasterer’s finishing trowel approximately 100mm by 300mm. Use smooth edges, not notched. Pour a “ribbon” of Safe Step® 100 on the surface approximately 600mm long and 150mm wide. Hold trowel at 45° angle to surface and spread with a sweeping motion. Reverse the angle of the trowel for the opposite stroke. Pull material towards one. To cover corners, etc. pull using straight strokes using the material on the trowel.


Higher temperatures will shorten drying times and conversely, lower temperatures and high humidity will lengthen drying time. Exterior applications must be protected from rain for at least 12 to 24 hours after application according to humidity. Protect from heavy or extended exposure to water, oil and chemicals for 5 to 7 days.


Tools and equipment may be cleaned before hardening commences by washing with White Spirits and Mineral Turpentine. Do not use for cleaning hands or mixing with product.

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfSafe Step 100 product specification sheet opens in a new window



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