Storm Water Culvert

Storm Water Culvert: Image 1
  • Storm Water Culvert: Image 1
  • Storm Water Culvert: Image 2
  • Storm Water Culvert: Image 3
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  • Storm Water Culvert: Image 6


The scope called for an integral protective coating sytem that provided long term durability of concrete and reinforcing in harsh environmental conditions.


Oxtek Australia was chosen as the manufacturer due to their experience in integral concrete waterproofing projects.

A site inspection involving the manufacturer, contractor and Roads & Marintime Services enabled key project issues to be highlighted.

Surface preparation involved removal of all contaminants and laitance throughout the culvert.

Oxtek Australia X280 Densiproof Reo Protect was applied via airless spray in two applications to approximately 1200 sqm of prepared concrete.  This product was chosen as it provides both intergral waterproofing to the concrete as well as mitigating corrosion of the structures reinforcing steel in harsh environments.


  • Date: June 2018

  • Customer: Roads and Maritime Service

  • Location: Moss Vale

  • Contractor: Advanced Waterproofing Systems