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Ammonia Sulphate Plant Steel Protection


The scope called for a protective coatings system with excellent long term protection of structural steel in a highly aggressive environment.


Denso Australia was chosen to provide the multi layer system. Past performance of previous Denso systems in similar environments was used as the catalyst to this system being selected.

Surface preparation was substantial including removal of contaminants and the ageing coating system. The cleaned surface was then abrasive blasted to the chosen standard.

Attention to detail was paramount to the successful application of this 4 layer tape / coating system. Independent Coating Inspector certification was required throughout the project.

Project details

Nov 2020
Bluescope Steel
Port Kembla Facility
Programmed Property Services
  • Australasian Corrosion Association
  • Association for Materials Protection and Performance
  • Illawarra Innovative Industry Network
  • NACE International
  • The Society of Protective Coatings