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A water based, environmentally friendly, Tuff, durable, single pack, liquid applied, urethane / polymer, UV
resistant anti – slip protective coating.


Virotuff incorporates special composite ‘non-sharp’ aggregates to provide good traction against slip falls but also a pleasant underfoot feel, even with bare feet. Virotuff provides a tough, abrasion resistant, semi-flexible trafficable coating in an attractive textured finish – all in one can. Virotuff is a slip resistant floor protective coating for foot and light vehicular traffic. Virotuff is available in a range of colours. Virotuff has very low VOCs and meets the ‘Green Star’ environmental criteria.


Virotuff has been formulated for application to in-door and outdoor areas where an anti-slip coating is required. Although too numerous to list some areas and applications include:

  • Domestic & Recreational: Decks, balconies, patios, garages,
    steps, stairs, entertaining areas, pool surrounds and driveways.
  • Schools, Parks & Public Areas: Playgrounds, demountable
    classrooms, walkways, toilets and washrooms.
  • Hospitality: Kitchen areas, bar areas and storerooms.
  • Building & Construction: Anti-slip flooring, trafficable
    walkways, plant rooms, steps, stairs, safety zones, decks,
    balconies, patios, equipment platforms.
  • Industrial Areas: Safety work areas, factory & warehouse
    floors, work platforms and storerooms.
  • Marine: Boat decks, trailers, pontoons and marinas.
  • Agriculture & Farming: Agriculture equipment, cherry
    picker platforms.
  • Automotive & Rail: Load areas of utes, trucks, vans, buses
    and stone damage protection for caravans and other vehicles.


Stir thoroughly before starting the application process, then intermittently. Apply by brush or suitable roller (black or medium texture) in coats of approximately 500 microns thick (0.5mm) until desired thickness is achieved. Rolling then lightly brushing with a soft broom is an easy way to give a good result. Rolling alone is not encouraged to uniformly disperse the aggregate. It is important that the product’s texturing is maintained with each coat. Coats applied too thickly can cause unsatisfactory results. Spread onto surface as evenly as possible. Subsequent coats should be applied at right angles to the previous coats. Apply following coats as soon as possible after previous coat has dried.

By Spray

Mask off areas not intended to be coated. Usually sprayed without dilution but if required Virotuff can be diluted with clean water up to a maximum of 5% by volume. Suitable spraying techniques is via panel beater type gun, hopper gun or airless spray. General recommendation, spray at lowest practical pressure possible. By panel beater type gun and hopper gun – at approx. 80 psi (5.5 bar) By airless spray with 32 to 35 thou tip at 1000 to 2000 psi. Remove all filters in up-take pipe and in the gun. Spray at approximately 500 microns thick per coat. It is important that the product’s texture is maintained with each coat. Apply following coats at right angles to preceding cured coats as soon as previous coat is dry. To achieve best results, masking tape, if used, should be removed after each coat when still wet. After spraying, immediately clean equipment with water. Irrespective of application the dry coat thickness should be approximately 1mm.

Wear, Tear & Repair of Virotuff

Although Virotuff is tough and durable the nature of the applications renders it subject to wear & damage. It is important that the coating be monitored for wear and tear and that appropriate maintenance should be carried out to retain the products optimum performance. To apply a maintenance or rejuvenation coat, clean surface, wire brush, wipe with Duram Prep Solvent or MEK and allow solvent to evaporate. Then apply new coat/s of Virotuff as follows:

  1. Remove any damaged or loose areas.
  2. Clean and roughen surface as well as surrounding areas.
  3. Treat exposed areas as per preparation instructions.
  4. Apply new Virotuff to area including 20mm onto the existing sound Virotuff coating.

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfVirotuff product specification sheet opens in a new window



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