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Sika Waterbar

Flexible PVC waterstops used to seal construction and expansion joints in concrete structures.

Sika Waterbars made from PVC-P can be used as flexible waterstops. They are designed to seal movement/expansion and construction joints in new watertight concrete structures. Their geometries and material characteristics vary, making them suitable for use as effective waterstops in many different types of structures and joints.


  • Suitable for high water pressure
  • Protected from damage after concrete placement
  • Can be used with water pressure from the inside or outside without additional precautions
  • Particularly suitable for thinner concrete components
  • Reinforcement adaptation to the waterbar is not always necessary if the concrete cover is sufficient
  • Split stop-end formwork is not necessary
  • Easy to fix to the formwork or binding to the concrete base


  • Not suitable for thinner components
  • Reinforcement adaptation to the waterbar is always necessary
  • Concrete placement is more difficult with horizontal waterbar
  • Split stop-end formwork is necessary
  • Hard to clean
  • Can loosen during formwork stripping
  • Waterbars can be fitted without additional precautions only on the water contact side. Water pressure can be absorbed only from this side without support
  • Not suitable for slab soffits because the downward-facing stop anchors cannot be reliably cast in
  • Damage is possible during subsequent construction works

Product specification sheet

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