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Polyester fabric backed base sheet, for heat sensitive substrates in multi-layer torch-on membrane systems.

Rollbase has been manufactured from special elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen with the underside coated with single strand spun bond polyester fabric and internally reinforced with fibreglass mat.

The inorganic reinforcement gives the sheet excellent dimensional stability while the polyester fabric guarantees the mechanical resistance necessary to resist tearing and puncture. The upper face is coated with Flamina and embossing. The flamina is a plastic film that melts when torched. The embossing maintains the pre-tension and optimal retraction of the film and allows the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation.


Rollbase is particularly suited as a base sheet for heat sensitive substrates in multi-layer torch applied bitumen membrane systems. Rollbase may be attached to the substrate by a number of methods dependant upon the type of surface: n Loose laid n Mechanically fastened n Fully or part adhered with Adhesive A901 (general purpose contact adhesive) – refer to Adhesive A901 MSDS & Technical Data Sheet before use, special precautions are needed as this adhesive is flammable. n Hot asphalt roll & pour method Rollbase has been specifically designed for use as a base sheet over timber or thermal insulation and may also be applied over old failed membranes.


  • Uniform thickness factory controlled in manufacture
  • Reinforced with non-woven single strand spun bond polyester on the underside and fibreglass matt internally providing good dimensional stability and high strength
  • Excellent cold flexibility -10°C
  • The spun bond polyester fabric creates a micro air- space between the membrane and the substrate through which vapour may easily escape
  • Manufactured with a selvage edge for overlapping purpose providing a continuous waterproofing barrier against water ingress

Product specification sheet

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