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Proteaduo P

High performance 4 mm thick torch applied waterproofing membrane with multilayer composite polymer bitumen and reinforcement.

Proteaduo/P is a composite waterproofing membrane where the reinforcement is impregnated with SBS bitumen: the underside in contact with the substrate is made from SBS bitumen while the top face is made from APP bitumen. The elastoplastomeric compound of the underside contains distilled bitumen and thermoplastic rubber made from a block copolymer redials butadiene styrene. It has an ultimate elongation of 2000%, flexibility in cold weather and an extremely high resistance to thermo-oxidising ageing.

The elastoplastomeric compound of the upper face’s protective layer contains distilled bitumen, atactic polypropylene; it also has stabilising additives against thermal shock and a softening point of over 150oC. Proteaduo/P is also reinforced with composite non-woven polyester fabric which is stabilised with fibreglass mat to guarantee stability in hot conditions, while at low temperatures it behaves like a pure polyester reinforced membrane.

The underside of Proteaduo/P is coated with Flamina and embossing. The Flamina is a plastic film that melts when torched. The embossing maintains the pre-tension and optimal retraction of the film and allows the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation. The upper face is coated with a new multifunction surface finish called Texflamina, which may be painted immediately after application with water based coatings such as EmerClad. Thanks to the high heat resistance of the top polymeric layer, Proteaduo/P may also be covered with hot bituminous conglomerate.


Proteaduo/P has been developed as a waterproofing membrane where high mechanical resistance, elasticity, thermal stability and durability is required. Thanks to the excellent fatigue strength characteristics of elastomeric membranes, even when the membrane is full bonded, Proteaduo/P will resist dimensional variations and active cracks which appear on cement surfaces. Proteaduo/P has excellent compatibility with bitumen surfaces in general, including oxidised bitumen, even if it has only been just applied. The long-lasting adhesion of Proteaduo/P on both difficult restoration work and on new bituminous coatings is guaranteed. Proteaduo/P may be applied in a single layer or in multilayer systems incorporating other of the Index torch applied membranes.


  • Uniform thickness – eliminating likelihood of uneven application possible with liquid applied membranes
  • Excellent stability at both high and low temperatures
  • Has excellent durability and flexibility
  • Polyester fabric composite reinforcement ensures dimensional stability and high strength while maintaining flexibility during application and service
  • Over laps are heat fused providing a homogenous joint eliminating the chance of water ingress beneath the membrane system
  • Fully compactable with existing old bitumen membranes
  • Maximises adhesion to the substrate n Resists dimensional variations and active hair line cracks

Product specification sheet

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