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Perforated reinforced base sheet, to relieve water vapour pressure, from under multi-layer torch-on membrane systems.

Perfobase is a perforated, reinforced fibreglass mat, impregnated with special polymer modified bitumen which is compatible with both APP and SBS bitumen membranes. A flamina film which melts when torched protects both sides of the membrane. The 4 cm diameter perforations are distributed evenly over the surface of the membrane, with 119 holes per m2 . Perfobase guarantees the uniform distribution of the bonding areas while using a torch, with no particular expertise of the operator required.


Perfobase is used for spot bonding membranes with a torch. It should be used as a first connecting layer to avoid the formation of blisters in waterproofing membrane applied on concrete which will remain visible to the eye. Perfobase acts as a vapour diffusion layer if it is used as a connecting layer between a vapour barrier to be applied on a cement substrate of environments with a high level of relative humidity. The same goes for restoration when it is used to connect a new layer which will remain visible, with an old bituminous surface which has captured humidity. The choice of using a spot bonded connecting layer should be subject to the careful evaluation, by the planner of the roof and of the wind force present where the membranes will be applied.


  • Allows the homogeneous distribution of spot- bonded adhesion zone
  • The above layer is more resistant to the wind and is more stable to temperature variations

Product specification sheet

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