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Link Woven Hexagonal Mesh Mattress

Rock filled stabilising Mattress.



Link Rock Mattress shall be manufactured from double twist hexagonal woven wire mesh in accordance with EN 10223-3.


The mesh openings shall be hexagonal and of nominal dimension of 60mmx80mm and shall conform to EN10223-3.


The nominal mesh wire for the body of the mattress shall be 2.0 mm in diameter and of a nominal 2.4mm for the selvedge wire. The body wire, selvedge wire and lacing wire shall be in accordance with EN 10218-2 and EN 10223-3.


Zinc galvanised to EN 10244-2 Class A (215g/m2).


All joints and connections shall be formed with continuous 2.2mm zinc galvanised lacing wire and/or high tensile 3mm diameter zinc galvanised “C “rings.


Fixed at 1.0m c/c across mattress width. A Link Rock Mattress that is of standard 6m length will have five internal diaphragms.


Link Rock Mattress PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh is BBA certified for up to 120 years design life. When using zinc galvanised Link Rock Mattress product the life of the product should be assessed on the predicted coating loss based on exposure conditions.

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfLink Woven Hexagonal Mesh Mattress product specification sheet opens in a new window


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