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Ladder Grip

LadderGrip is a slip resistant ladder rung cover which will fit the majority of ladders and is fixed into place using commercial grade adhesives.



We design each ladder to conform with the Australian Standard AS1657-2018. We ensure that landings, ladder cages and walkthroughs are provided when needed and bespoke designall our ladders fit into the space where they are installed. All of our MaxiLADDER ladder systems offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and corrosion making them suitable for even the harshest environments. Low maintenance and lightweight make the MaxiRAIL system the ideal choice over traditional materials such as steel or aluminium.

Retractable arms

Our retractable arms have been designed to maximise the use of composite materials. The arms are easy to extend and seamlessly lock into place. Once folded back down the extendable arms rest flush with the top edge of the ladder.


All our ladder brackets are all made from composites profiles. Standard brackets sit 200mm off the wall but as we know each site is different, that is why we design customized brackets that can attach to flat as well as curved walls.

Ladder Cage

If your project requires a ladder cage, we here at composite engineering have an integrated composite ladder cage solution that can be fitted on ladders that extend above 2 meters of the ground.


Some projects require a landing to be fitted at certain intervals for added safety while ascending the ladders. We can include complete composite landing which we manufacture from our MaxiGRATE FRP grating and MaxiSTRUCT FRP profiles.


Our engineers will use the site measurements provided to design each ladder to our clients individual needs. To ensures that the spacing of rungs, the stiles and the brackets all conform to AS 1657-2018 we draw each ladder in CAD before we assemble the ladder.

Product specification sheet

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Composite Engineering

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Composite Engineering is a specialist provider of superior quality FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) non-slip safety products. As a result, they are now being acknowledged as Australia’s leading supplier of fibreglass grating, ladder treads and stair treads, work platforms, ramps and
  • Australasian Corrosion Association
  • Association for Materials Protection and Performance
  • Illawarra Innovative Industry Network
  • NACE International
  • The Society of Protective Coatings