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Kuniseal C-31 DS

composite waterstop product consisting of high swelling bentonite, mineral oil and modified polymer.

KuniSeal is a composite product consisting of high-swelling bentonite, mineral oil, and modified polymer. It is specifically designed to act as a moisture barrier in concrete construction joints. Its unique characteristics give it long-lasting durability and superior waterproofing results even when subjected to high hydrostatic pressure and in marine environments, and it is easy to install.

Special features

  • Self adhesive
  • Installation time reduced
  • Easy to shape and form to joint
  • No stress to concrete joints
  • Long lasting in situ durability
  • Delayed swell allowing for adverse on-site weather
  • Superior results in stopping moisture penetration
  • Suitable for marine environments

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfKuniseal C-31 DS product specification sheet opens in a new window



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By preventing the intrusion of moisture, chemicals, salt water, sewage and other harmful materials, Xypex protects concrete and reinforcing steel from deterioration and oxidation, and subsequently spalling. The concrete is also protected against spalling, efflorescence, popouts and other damages caused
  • Australasian Corrosion Association
  • Association for Materials Protection and Performance
  • Illawarra Innovative Industry Network
  • NACE International
  • The Society of Protective Coatings