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Jutemaster Thick

Robust weed and erosion control blanket made of natural Jute fibres.


Jutemaster® thick is the robust weed and erosion control geotextile made of natural jute fibres.

Jutemaster® thick acts as a mulch, providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting the topsoil from erosion.

Jutemaster® thick is 100% organic and will biodegrade over time.

Jutemaster® is an Australian-made product.


A natural mulch mat for weed and erosion control, ideal for:

  • Slopes up to 1:1 grades
  • Roadside and general landscaping
  • Garden and revegetating beds
  • Wetlands and riparian batters
  • Coastal and high-wind sites
  • Water velocities of up to 1.8 metres per second
  • Pre-cut Planting Slits

Pre-slitted planting holes are available with a variety of planting densities.

  • Reduces OH&S issues with bending and sharp cutting tools.
  • Significantly reduces labour costs when planting.
  • Reduces time in setting out plantings.
  • Uniformity of planting pattern ensures correct plant numbers.

Specifier’s Tip

With a mass of 620-650gsm, Jutemaster® is the optimum balance between weed suppression and water penetration.

Jutemaster thick

Soil stabilisation & weed suppression mat

Halts Erosion

Exposed soils are protected with biodegradable Jutemaster® thick, providing erosion control for up to 18 months.


Jutemaster® thick acts as a roll-on mulch, adding organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Suppresses most weeds while newly planted vegetation is establishing.

Retains Water

Jutemaster® thick greatly reduces moisture loss due to evaporation and conforms to the contours of the ground.

100% Organic

Jutemaster® thick contains no plastic meshes and will not entangle wildlife or machinery. Treemax on 1800 550 000.

Other Features

  • Reduces heat absorption, helping to protect plants.
  • Jutemaster® is also flexible and strong during the installation process.

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfJutemaster Thick product specification sheet opens in a new window



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