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Jute Mesh

Oganic, flexible, loose woven cargo net mesh.


Jute Mesh is an organic, flexible, loose-woven jute ‘cargo-net’ mesh used for erosion control and seed establishment.

Jute Mesh is an inexpensive and flexible product, easily separated so as to fall around existing vegetation. The coarse nature of the fibres assists in capturing wind-blown soil and native seeds.

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Suitable for short-term erosion protection where light water flow is expected.

  • Grass and vegetation establishment
  • Swale drains
  • Sand dunes
  • Coastal sites
  • Mulch retention
  • Natural regeneration sites
  • Wind erosion
  • Mine sites
  • Steep batters
  • Rough sites

Not suitable on highly erodible or high water flow sites.


Natural Rehabilitation

Jute Mesh is ideal for areas where ‘natural revegetation’ is being encouraged, such as sand dunes. It can be used in conjunction with local brush and twigs to help in the capture of soil and seed, preventing soil erosion.

Retains Moisture

Jute Mesh retains moisture in the micro-environment for the plants, increases water infiltration for faster long-term stabilisation, and helps increase germination rates for direct-seeded areas.


Jute Mesh provides economical erosion treatment, applicable to large-scale land areas.

100% Organic

Jute Mesh adds organic matter to the soil as it degrades.


Product specification sheet

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