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Grout Mixers / Pumps

A range of grout mixers and pumps that are suitable for both cement and epoxy grouts.

Clark Grout Pumps and Mixers

The pneumatic range of Clark Grout Pump and Mixers have been used in coal mining and civil construction applications for more than twenty years. The grout pump can be utilized for various applications.

These include: pressure injection of cable bolts for roof and strata support; void filling of strata, either to atmosphere or injected with the Clark grout packer; spraying of ventilation stoppings in coal mines; spraying concrete on pylons and bridge repairs and also slab jacking.

The grout pump options can be used in combination with the Clark Grout Mixers. Two different capacity mixers are available. The 150 litre capacity mixer is the most common size for easy handling in confined areas. For larger mixes, the 500 litre capacity mixers yield around 300 litres of grout per batch and have been used in many civil construction applications such as the strengthening of Sydney Airport runway.

For underground coal applications such as cable bolting using Stratabinder or similar type grout, the M150 with the Mk2 mixer is recommended. For thicker grouts such as thixotropic grouts, the M150 with a thixotropic mixer is preferred.


• Cable bolting

• Spraying

• Void filling

• Slab jacking

Associated Clark products:

• Grout spray gun

• Drill rig

• Eagle Rib drill

• Grout packer

• Grout and air hose

Lubricator Options:

• 150 or 500 litre capacities

• Thixotropic bowl or flat bottom

• Standard or high torque mixer

• Standard flow or high flow pump

Product specification sheet

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