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Emer Proof Ecoflex Anti Root

Polymer modified bitumen liquid membrane with plant root inhibitors.

Emer-Proof Ecoflex Anti-Root is a polymer modified bituminous liquid membrane that contains root inhibitors to prevent the penetration of root growth through the cured membrane surface.

Designed for use as a waterproof membrane in subterranean areas such as planters, retaining walls, garden beds or general areas exposed to earth and soil.

Water-based and solvent-free, Emer-Proof Ecoflex Anti-Root has excellent adhesion properties to a number of building surfaces, including many bituminous sheet membrane surfaces*. Able to be used in high-build applications by roller, spatula or trowel on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

*Sheet membrane surfaces vary; therefore, adhesion compatibility tests are recommended.


  • Planter boxes
  • Garden beds
  • Retaining walls, underground waterproofing
  • General areas in contact with soil, plants
  • Protective coating over bituminous sheet membranes in underground areas


  • Low VOC (0.065 grams per litre)
  • Anti-root properties to inhibit plant root penetration in earth-filled applications
  • Australian Made
  • Outstanding adhesion properties to primed surfaces
  • Able to be applied to damp surfaces (free of surface water)
  • Does not re-emulsify once cured
  • Flexible/tough and durable
  • Solvent-free, non-flammable and user friendly

Technical Support

Parchem offers a comprehensive range of high-performance, high-quality waterproofing and construction products. In addition, Parchem offers a technical support package to specifiers, contractors and end-users, as well as on-site technical assistance.

Product specification sheet

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