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Defend H

Elastomeric, torch applied plant root repellent membrane, reinforced with rotproof single strand spunbond non-woven polyester fabric.

Defend H is an elastoplastomeric polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane with an antiroot additive reinforced with a ‘non-woven’ single-strand spunbond polyester fabric for protecting roof gardens, sunken works and gravel-covered roofs. The antiroot properties are obtained by adding phenoxi fatty acid ester, a specific antiroot agent, to the polymer-bitumen compound.


Defend H is always applied as the last waterproofing layer in contact with the earth for gardens, foundations, underground garages and tunnels covered with soil, road structures and roofs under gravel etc. When waterproofing roof gardens, for instance, it is used as the top layer of a system, the first layer being a polymer-bitumen membrane reinforced with ‘non-woven’ polyester fabric and the second being Defend H, which is placed astride the overlaps of the previous layer and full bonded with the torch. Defend H is used in all waterproofing systems in contact with the ground or where there is a risk of the system being attacked by roots.


  • Resistant to roots also at the overlaps
  • Does not disperse dangerous substances in the environment
  • Puncture resistant

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfDefend H product specification sheet opens in a new window


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