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Two part waterproofing membrane

Crystoflex is a two-part waterproofing membrane comprising a liquid component of selected polymers and a powder component of selected cement, fillers and aggregates. When mixed together to form a brushable or rollable slurry, it provides a strong, hydrostatic pressure-resistant, flexible waterproofing membrane. Crystoflex was formulated for immersed or ponding situations such as the waterproofing of water tanks and water features, but is just as suitable for non-immersed applications such as roofs or under0tile waterproofing.

Crystoflex complies with AS/NZS 4020:2002 Testing of Products For Use In Contact With Drinking Water – Australian Water Quality Centre Report Number 4007/92.1595.

In ponds and water features where an aesthetic appearance is required, Crystoflex can be top coated with Duram Primeseal, which is compatible with and enhances the performance of the entire waterproofing system.


Crystoflex is suitable for many waterproofing applications but is particularly useful for areas requiring hydrostatic pressure resistance and immersed applications, including:

  • Water retaining structures such as concrete tanks, ponds, pools, fountains and water features
  • Crystoflex is suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Retaining walls, planter boxes
  • Roofs (top coated with Azcoflex or Fibrecryl as recommended)
  • Under tile waterproofing on balconies, terraces, podiums and decks

Suitable Surfaces

Crystoflex is suitable for use on the following correctly prepared and primed surfaces:

  • Concrete, cement, cement render, polymer render, block work (preferably filled and vibrated to ensure the absence of voids), brick, FC and CFC sheeting, blue board, timber, masonry and metal after application of a suitable metal primer.


Crystoflex is flexible and can withstand normal building movement, but it has limited elongation and, hence, will not tolerate excessive movement or cracking of the substrate. Cracks and gaps must be independently sealed and waterproofed.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Designed for applications where hydrostatic pressure resistance is required
  • Suitable for immersion in water
  • Two pack yet flexible
  • Quick drying
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Can be topped, tiled or coated
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Suitable for use in confined areas
  • Compatible with most tile adhesives
  • Can be coated
  • Can be rendered with a polymer render or standard render with bonding additive.

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfCrystoflex product specification sheet opens in a new window



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