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Coir Log

Organic coconut fibre enclosed in a robust coir mesh.


Treemax CoirLog™ is a roll of coir, organic coconut fibre enclosed in a robust coir mesh.

CoirLogs™ provide erosion and wave control structures in riparian zones, and sediment capture in drainage lines and swales. CoirLogs™ provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long-term stabilisation.

CoirLog™ is an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales. Hay bales tend to break up easily, have a short life span, are difficult to handle, and are usually contaminated with weed seed.


For sediment entrapment, wave, and wind protection of:

  • River banks and toe protection
  • Coastal wave erosion
  • Wetland erosion
  • Swale drains
  • Steep batters and sand dunes
  • Straw bale alternative
  • Rip rap alternative
  • Building sites

Square CoirLogs™ can be ordered. These sit flat on surfaces thus reducing turbulence in front of the log.


Silt Retention

CoirLog™ can be placed in swale drains, around grates, on steep slopes to collect silt, and used to slow water velocity, reducing erosion.

River Bank Protection

CoirLog™ can be used in river channels, streams, and creeks to help stabilise bank toes and provide structure to benching techniques. CoirLogs™ can be stacked one on top of another to form a wall structure while vegetation establishes for long-term stabilisation.

Stabilise Steep Batters

CoirLogs™ placed across a steep batter will greatly slow water velocity and reduce sediment movement down the slope.

Biodegradable Coir

CoirLogs™ are made from 100% biodegradable and organic materials. Coir is the fibre obtained from the husks of coconuts.


Where appropriate, CoirLog™ is an inexpensive alternative to the use of rock armouring.

Product specification sheet

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