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Autotene Base / P

Thermally self adhesive 3 mm thick waterproofing base sheet membrane.

Autotene Base/P is designed to solve the problem of direct laying over polystyrene foam, without using any nails or glue. It’s lower face is coated with a special heat activated adhesive. When the membrane is laid onto the insulation panel – without the silicone film that protects the adhesive coated face, the indirect heat produced by flame-laying of the overlapping layer is sufficient for simultaneous adhesion also of the basic layer in contact with the polystyrene foam. The energy needed for laying one layer, is sufficient for two layers when using Autotene Base/P. On top of that, the added benefit is also the savings of cutting costs with this type of heat insulation. The lower face is coated with a special hot-melt adhesive mix, containing elastomers and tackiness inducing resins.

The mix is elastic even at low temperatures and is protected by a peelable silicone coated film. Adhesion is heat activated. Direct heating generated by flame-laying of the next layer is sufficient for the adhesive coated face to stubbornly stick both to the polystyrene panel on which it rests, and to the overlaps, thus producing long-lasting safe adhesion. Autotene Base/P will also bond to surfaces such as cement, timber, plastics, PVC, metals and old failed liquid applied membranes. The Autotene Base/P membrane has a composite nonrotting non-woven polyester fabric reinforcement stabilised with fibre glass. The top surface of the membrane is sandblasted and has a special edge coated with the same thermally adhesive mixture, protected by a silicone strip, which enables self-sealing of the overlaps. Autotene Base/P sheet along with following layers (Testudo mineral or Sirio P Mineral) may be used for flat and sloping roofs, for roof gradients of more the 15% mechanical fastening elements and /or strips inserted among the layers are necessary. This procedure may also apply to high wind areas.


Used as a base layer in multi layer systems. Designed to be applied to heat sensitive substrates such as thermal insulation, timber, metals, plastics, pvc and old failed liquid applied membranes.


  • Heat activated adhesive membrane, no need to flame adhere to substrate; base sheet is adhered to substrate by the heat generated by flame-laying of following layer
  • Uniform thickness – eliminating likelihood of uneven application possible with liquid applied membranes
  • Excellent stability at both high and low temperatures
  • Has excellent durability and flexibility
  • Polyester fabric composite reinforcement ensures dimensional stability and high strength while maintaining flexibility during application and service

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfAutotene Base / P product specification sheet opens in a new window


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