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Argo P

3 mm thick, plastomeric, torch-applied membrane, reinforced with polyester and stabilised with fibre glass mat.

Argo P is an economical, torch applied bituminous sheet membrane reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric composite, stabilised with fibreglass mat which makes this membrane very strong while remaining elastic and allowing it to provide optimum dimensional stability. The bitumen compounds used to manufacture the product are modified with atactic polypropylene (AAP) providing the necessary stability at both high and low temperatures. The upper face is treated with serigraph talc, the lower face with a sacrificial polyethylene film called Flamina. The lower face is embossed with small squares which assist in the visual recognition of the correct melting temperature. The embossing also ensures good vapour diffusion in spot bonded or loose laid applications.


Argo P is used as a continuous waterproofing membrane for foundations, basements, tunnels, roofs, etc, as an economical single layer membrane or as the base layer in multi-layer systems.


  • Provides an economical single layer membrane, or economical base layer in multi-layer torch-on systems
  • Uniform thickness – eliminating likelihood of uneven application possible with liquid applied membranes
  • Polyester fabric reinforcement provides good strength and elasticity
  • Excellent stability at both high and low temperatures
  • High tear and puncture resistance

Product specification sheet

product sheet pdfArgo P product specification sheet opens in a new window


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