Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd are leaders in Corrosion Prevention and Sealing Technology. The Denso range of products have been used successfully for over 80 years and have a proven track record with verifiable case histories. Systems are tailor made for individual anti-corrosion and sealing problems developed with the realities of an on-site application in mind. Our extensive product range is suitable for use in a wide range of highly corrosive environments with operating temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 250ºC.

Dulux Protective Coatings

Dulux Protective Coatings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality protective coatings, servicing the Australia-Pacific region for over 75 years. Manufacturing a comprehensive and diverse range of coatings to suit all industry types, Dulux Protective Coatings meets the needs of our customers, from light industrial coating systems suitable for machinery and steel used in mild environments, to high performance systems for protection in chemically and environmentally harsh conditions.


At Jotun, we protect property by providing solutions that not only enhance the appearance of your asset but also ensures long-lasting durability. Our range of paints and coatings are inspired by technology, designed to meet the latest industry standards and developed with sustainability in mind. Our specialties include premium decorative paints for long-lasting and beautiful finishes, and coatings for corrosion and fouling protection of metal substrates and passive fire protection of steel.


MCOR is a brand of Epoxytec International Inc. MCOR offers advanced mechanical polymers designed primarily for maintenance, repair and protection of industrial structures, mechanical components and equipment.  Industries such as mining, energy, oil and gas, food and beverage, marine, municipal water and wastewater, and many more; exhibiting high rates of wear due to moving mechanical parts, aggressive handling of fluids, steam, heat, chemicals or aggregate. The MCOR product line serves to keep them operating with a rapid return to service which preserves their assets and allow them to run again, better, and longer.